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Theatre Offers, Emails and Information

We won't bombard you with stuff you don't want. When we have a good offer or something of interest we'll send you an email, otherwise we'll leave you alone. If you wish to subscribe please do so below. If you wish to see our privacy policy first, you can do so here.

  1. EMAIL - is still the way most people wish to be contacted about information that interests them, which is why we are a mailing list only business. To date over 600,000 people have registered to receive our emails.
  2. EVERYONE - We work with major West End theatres and fringe venues to bring you the best variety of information and offers.
  3. DISCERNING - We don't just send out anything. It has to be interesting, innovative, new or just a great gem or discount that you may otherwise have missed. You won't be getting sent yet another email for a West End musical you didn't want to see in the first place.

A recent example of what we do

View our emails on your phone, tablet or computer. Whatever works for you.

Find out first what's going on at your favourite theatres and some you didn't even know existed.


Not always, but often our emails come with the promise of a discount or some other form of promotional incentive.

In almost all cases you will be directed to the theatre box-office and not to a ticket agent. Occaionally, where a ticket agent is offering a heavy discount, we may direct you there instead.

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Ticket Buyers

We sell theatre tickets too

Like a lot of websites, we make a small commission from directing you to a specific site to make purchases. If you wish to see a full list of all the available shows and attractions, some with great discounts please do so here.

Now for the not so small print about privacy

Your privacy is really important to us and you can read our entire privacy policy here. The headlines are these: We'll never sell your data; every email we send has an unsubscribe link on the bottom of it; or you can contact us through the form on this site and we'll delete your name from the list, no quibble or question, it is your right. 

The TheatreList has been around since 2012. The people who run it have worked in direct marketing, publishing and theatre their entire careers. This service is born out of the frustration of  being bombarded with offers we don't want to receive and a belief that we can do things better.

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